GeekDinner at Café Max

GeekDinner at Cafe Max

Café Max was the location for the 17th GeekDinner, codenamed Quarrelsome Quince. We were introduced to Café Max's spectacular buffet dinner, as well as two brand new Internet start-up businesses based in Cape Town.

The first, Personera, allows you to import photos (along with your friends' birthdays) from Facebook into a calendar that they then print and mail to you. The second was JobCrystal, a new (and different) careers portal that matches you to the most suitable available jobs, based on information you provide and questionnaires that you complete.

Dinner at Café Max was great - the dessert of Malva Pudding with Creme Anglaise was to die for, and the rare rib-eye beef was perfectly complemented by the Delheim red wine. The area that you see in this photo is a large hall alongside the main restaurant, and it's actually a lot prettier and more cosy than it appears here. It really is a nice little restaurant; take a look at their website to see what I mean.

One thought on “GeekDinner at Café Max

  1. Jonathan Carter

    Yay this is my second CTDP appearance! (even though blurry and inrecognisable ;) )

    BTW, were you at the toy run on Sunday Paul> I saw someone who vaguely looked like you with a camera but I was driving a bit too fast to be sure. If not, you should be there next time, there were lots of potential for good shots!

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