World wide weed

Hairy Fleabane

Don't you wish that flowers would grow more like weeds? We wouldn't ever have to water the beds or feed the flowers. Until I discovered my awesome weed-popper (which makes weeding more like a game) I really think I may have had more weeds than grass.

The Hairy Fleabane, shown in this photo, is a very common variety in Cape Town. The long stems and furry heads can be seen covering many people's lawns in spring, making them look more like country fields - which I guess for some has its own appeal. :)

The interesting thing is that according to there's a particular strain of Hairy Fleabane in the Breede Valley that has become resistant to herbicide. So it would seem to me that the only real solution is in fact my awesome weed-popper. Perhaps I should go into the weed-popper business. :)

8 thoughts on “World wide weed

  1. Val Palk

    The Hairy Fleabane may be a weed but it looks quite marvellous backlit like this. A beautiful picture and I recognised my neck of the woods (sorry that wasn’t said on purpose) in the background.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks MJW – A weed popper looks like a really long fork (with about 10 spikes). The prongs are pushed into the ground next to the offending weed. There is a small… erm… platform (sticky-out-thing) on which tramp down on. The prongs great splendour flicks the weed from the ground. If you’re *really* fast you’re actually able to catch the Fleabane in mid flight!

    Thanks Val, heh so, your Nek of the woods hey? As I said a post or two ago, you live in a great *area*.

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    I know this is a long time ago but just thought id tell you the weed in question with the fluffy top is called cotton grass!

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