Autopilot performing at Mercury Lounge

Kevin Sykes, guitarist for Autopilot

As I mentioned in my previous post, we were invited to go along to Mercury Lounge in Cape Town to take photos at Autopilot's new video launch gig. This particular show must have been one of the most challenging that I've shot - the stage was very small, and although the lighting was great for the performance, it was terrible for photos.

Nevertheless, I felt challenged and had plenty of fun trying to come up with angles that would work. I've uploaded an album of photos here.

Autopilot was born in 2005 as a 4-man band. While Kevin Sykes (the guitarist in this photo) and Shane Coomber (the other guitarist) seem to be the only original remaining members, the band has seen a shift with the introduction of a female vocalist, currently 22-year-old Brigette Greybe (who according to the drummer, Nicholas, has a great butt ;) ).

At the time of writing this article, the new video hadn't yet been uploaded to their website, but if you'd like to hear their sound take a look here for one or two other music videos.

Thanks for a great show, Autopilot!

9 thoughts on “Autopilot performing at Mercury Lounge

  1. Paul

    Post author

    Steffe, dude, I have to agree, it’s always fun to photograph bands!

    Thanks Cara, I liked this one best and, to be honest, afterwards had to increase the exposure and contrast just a little. ;)

  2. Kevin

    Hi Paul
    Thanks so much for the article and photos – they really look amazing! Would you mind if I copied them and used them on our Facebook Page and website? Obviously we will credit your work.

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Hi Kevin, it’s a pleasure! Yes, of course you may use the photos. :)

    Perhaps it’s easy enough to download the ones that you’d like, but if you prefer, I could give them to Guinivea to give to Robin to give to you.

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