Sushi at Sevruga

Sushi at Sevruga

Sevruga (map) is one of the pristine restaurants of the V&A Waterfront. Their steak is good, their fish is great, and the sushi, well, darn near perfect. Visiting isn't exactly a cheap outing, so when our impromptu sushi club caught wind of the half-price sushi afternoons (14h00 to 17h00), it was a no-brainer - Sevruga would be the venue to host our next meet-up.

The restaurant certainly didn't disappoint... as I'm guessing you can see from the photo above. :) And, just before you think I made an absolute pig of myself - this was the plate that Kerry-Anne and I shared. I doubt many would actually fit this entire plate of sushi in for dinner!

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  1. Paul

    Post author

    Nicola and Val, as I said to Helen, it was great. This “platter” actually wasn’t an official “platter”. Kerry-Anne just selected a few different types of sushi from the menu. And yes Val, Salmon Roses were among the bunch. They’re in the far back left corner. These particular roses were wrapped in cucumber!

  2. Paul

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    Hi Yuko,

    In South Africa we tend to classify anything that looks pretty and is rolled in (or placed on) vinegar rice under the general umbrella of “sushi”. I think most people accept that what Westerners call sushi isn’t traditional Japanese sushi. But, we’re content calling it such, as long as it tastes good. Don’t be offended. ;)

    I’m confident that you know, but in case our other readers don’t, here’s an excerpt from the Wikipedia article on the history of sushi:

    “The original type of sushi, classified today as nare-sushi, first developed somewhere in Southeast Asia, disseminating to Japan.[1] Fish was salted and wrapped in fermented rice, a traditional lacto-fermented rice dish. Nare-sushi was made of this gutted fish stored in fermented rice for preservation. Nare-sushi was stored for fermentation for a few months then removed. The fermented rice was discarded and fish was the only part consumed. “

  3. Paul

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    Hi Sharon, I would say that I’d pack some in a container and ship it to you, but it just wouldn’t be the same after a trip to Phoenix! Perhaps you’ll visit Cape Town some day? ;)

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