Wines of the Cape

Tierhoek's Chenin Blanc

I mentioned previously that friends of ours own Wineweb, an online company through which you can order South African wines.

Jon and Leslie from Wineweb brought a few bottles of Hazendal (map) and Tierhoek wine along to our last Sushiclub meetup. This Tierhoek Chenin Blanc happened to be the closest so I helped myself to a glass or two. I'm by no means a wine connoisseur and really have little clue as to what makes a good wine, but I have to admit that I really enjoyed this one. It's one of those easy-drinking wines that after a glass or two doesn't leave your mouth feeling like the inside of a lemon. :D

The Tierhoek farm lies about two hundred kilometres up our west coast (map), close to the well-known town of Citrusdal. This area is famous for its citrus fruit, presumably because of its good soil, plentiful water, and cool Atlantic sea breeze. The same factors that make the citrus fruit from this area so yummy must be what lays the foundation for the brilliant wine produced at Tierhoek.

The farm does offer tastings, so I'm busy trying to find their GPS coordinates and will post a link to a Google Map below as soon as I have them. If you decide to take a trip up the coast, consider staying in Citrusdal - there are plenty of guest houses in the area, as well as the popular The Baths resort with hot water springs!

8 thoughts on “Wines of the Cape

  1. Munda Kudi

    I am a South African living in England and I used to Live in Athelone – Cape Town long time ago and even today I still have the memories of Cape Town, it is such a nice place I have ever seen, especially the weather in Cape Town is so nice and warm also beaches to name a few Hout Bay, Miuzenberg, Vish Hoek and I had time of my life at Sea Point – Cape Town. I would love to go back one day and experience the warmth and enjoy being on the soil of South Africa.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Erm.. ya… you’re kinda right. How’s this for Community Support in action. I’ve updated the link. :)

    Thanks for that Hendrik. I went to Google Maps and typed “Hazendal wine estate” in the search box. The result came back more or less at the location that I’d marked. Also on Bottelary Road, but way further towards Stellenbosch’s side. I picked the closest grouping of buildings which I remember at the time looked a little different to how I remember. :)

    Seriously, thanks for pointing that out – I’m a little OCD about having this kind of thing be correct.

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Munda, South Africa isn’t so far away from England. Perhaps you should visit on holiday some time! I’m going to guess that it’s about time for you to sink your feed into African soil again. :)

  4. Hendrik

    Hey Paul. No worries, was really just because I had to do some research to get there ( although I grew up in Brackenfell I had no idea where the wine farm was.. go figure ) that I noticed it didn’t completely look right :)

  5. Paul

    Post author

    Just an update on the location of Tierhoek. I eventually managed to contact someone at the estate. They emailed the coordinates through to me, and I’ve edited the post to include them.

    For your convenience: map to Tierhoek

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