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Pontiac GTO

It's fairly well-known that many international movie producers shoot films in Cape Town, and to be honest, it's kinda weird seeing familiar sights in Cape Town represented as being in another country.

One of the tag-along industries that has developed alongside film-making is the rental of cars - specifically old cars like this Pontiac GTO. Who would believe that there's actually enough money to be made renting out old cars to support more than one such business? There's one business not far from where we live that does just this, and I just discovered Cape Cars who appear to have an assortment of cars specifically for film shoots! I wonder how many other businesses make their livelihood from Hollywood and Bollywood film shoots, and whether or not I should get in on some of the action... :)

One thought on “Cars and movies

  1. Geneveve Le Roux

    I have a few vehicles to hire for movie shoots.
    should you be interested , please send me an email address and I will forward you some pictures.
    Black Jeep compass. Land rover and Corsa bakkie

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