Not the way to do sushi

A sushi platter

We visited Wasabi in Constantia for a sushi feast with a few friends, and at this occasion I learned one important lesson about eating sushi out:

Pay full price for your sushi and never order the sushi platter that's on special. :)

This particular platter cost about R100 and seemed to contain all the small offcuts of salmon and tuna, as well as many vegetarian pieces that, judging by how dry the carrots appeared, weren't very fresh at all.

I ended up eating just over half of the platter before realising that I really wasn't enjoying it enough to continue. From the way the other folk at the table devoured their meals, I assume that the other sushi must have been good; but this was presumably because they didn't order the platter that was on special. :-/

2 thoughts on “Not the way to do sushi

  1. Warren

    Hi, Warren from Wasabi here, my apologies about the poor quality of your platter, we have since changed it and the new platter is our best yet, please let me know next time you visit us so that i can arrange a complimentary tasting of our new platter.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Wasabi has a good name so I’m Glad to hear that you’ve ditched that platter. Thanks for the offer Warren, I’ll be sure to make contact next time we’re out your way.

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