St Joseph’s Marist College, the reprise

Catholic Chapel

My last three photos, and now this one too, were taken at St Joseph's Marist College in Rondebosch. This photo is of the school chapel, the one attached to the bottom of the tower in yesterday's photo. I did some research and turned up a Facebook page called "I went to St. Joesph's [sic] College, Rondebosch".

Visit the page and read the Basic Info section, and then click through to the Wall - it's terribly entertaining and will give you some insight into what life must have been like at the college. I guess it may also cause you to realise that almost everywhere, students are the same. :)

In closing, let me share what I found to be the funniest line from the Basic Info section of the page:

" If you were one of the lucky students to attend St. Joesph's Marist College, you would remember a few of these little things, that make the school a legend:
The time a bunch of kids tried to perform and exorcism on the "HAUNTED STATUE" of the Saint!
" :D

I wonder if it's this statue to which the writer refers?

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