A beach silhouette

A couple's silhouette
This couple ambled slowly along the walkway next to Lagoon Beach (map), talking while the sun set. The sun was bright and the patterns in the sky beautiful. The view was almost a painting.

I spent the day at a conference and slept over at the Lagoon Beach Hotel (to the left in this photo). While the room was perfectly good, in fact - pretty nice, I have to advise that if you ever find yourself staying over, make sure that you're as far away from the entrance to the underground parking as is possible. :)

3 thoughts on “A beach silhouette

  1. Sean

    You have a really nice blog! I lived in CT for some years – but then JHB for the rest… I love seeing photographs of it…. really good ones too!

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks Sean – I have to admit that it’s kinda fun taking the photos as well. You should visit CT again some time. :)

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