Sea, sand and a setting sun

Sea, sand, and a setting sun
This photo is a different perspective on yesterday's sunset picture. I loved the reflection of the sun's rays on the wet sand - there's something so calming and thought provoking about the reflection, the fading light, and the still ocean.

Perhaps being almost surrounded by wide open ocean is what makes Cape Town so attractive to her residents - and to visitors I guess. Were it not for the (often frustrating) wind, our city could be one of the most perfect places on earth. Although, I guess were it not for the wind perhaps we'd be one of the most smoggy and dirty places on earth... :-/

2 thoughts on “Sea, sand and a setting sun

  1. Kathy S

    As I scrolled down to see all of this scene I found myself taking a deep breath and smiling… not sure which beach it is but I wish I was there. Love from the UK x

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