Adega’s Sunday buffet lunch

Adega at Willowbridge
Since colleagues had been raving about Adega's Friday lunch specials, we decided try the Willowbridge branch's Sunday afternoon buffet. After our visit I unfortunately have to give the restaurant a huge thumbs down. The buffet doesn't have a large selection at all - especially of veggies and dessert. I have to admit that the prawns were great, but on the other hand, the oysters weren't exactly fresh. All in all, I'd give the buffet a rating of 4 out of 10.

The service wasn't very good at all. Drink orders took very long and after our meal and the passing of far too much time I eventually stood up to find someone to ask for the bill. The manager also had a strange sarcastic and patronising attitude towards another patron who complained about a similar lack of service that we had observed.

Perhaps this was an off day - as I said, colleagues had raved about the restaurant. At this point I'm however completely unsure why.

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