Ice Cream

Ice Cream
Back in the day when I was a kid and holidays comprised long trips to sunny caravan parks, my parents use to buy us chocolate-dipped ice creams - almost every day. Wow. I'm really surprised that I managed to avoid diabetes and becoming all podgy! :)

About a week ago I suddenly had a craving for one of *those* ice creams, and eventually in a moment of desperation I drove to the local Spar convenience shop and bought one of those divine Magnum ice creams (the one dipped in white chocolate and with crushed almonds). In short, it was delicious. Occasional indulgences really are awesome. :)

7 thoughts on “Ice Cream

  1. Cristina

    waw. I’ll try your suggestion Paul!!!
    I’m mad about ice cream.I could live on it.
    The world’s best ice cream is said to be Italian.
    In the last three months and a half I’ve tryed all the ice cream shops I have found on my way in CT. The best ice cream I’ve tasted was from the shop inside The Waterfront shopping Center, at the entrance near the Amphitheatre just on the right. If I’m not wrong the name is “Italian Ice cream”.

  2. Cristina

    no no no Haagen-Dazs is not an italian ice cream at all.
    The place that I was talking about is at the beging of the corridor where you find all the shops for children. They are Clever!!!!
    Just as you go in, is the first on the right.
    sorry I don’t have any photos!!!!

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Heh – I never for a moment thought that it was Cristina. :) Thanks for the directions, I’m going to make sure that I find the place!

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