Silhouette in the morning light

Silhouette of a man
I said in a previous post that there's something special about morning light. This photo hopefully shows to you why I, and all the photographers that I know, love morning light.

Looking at this one I can almost feel the cool morning air and warmer rays of orange light. This sure was a beautiful morning at the Waterfront. Wouldn't you agree Beverley? (At the time she was shooting a similar photo slightly behind and to the right of me.) :)

16 thoughts on “Silhouette in the morning light

  1. Paul

    Post author

    Lol… yes… desperate times. :) As I recall, you too were also to my right at the time. Did you get a similar shot? Link please!

  2. Hendrik

    I was very close by, I did get a few shots, but none as nice as the ones you and Beverley got. Not sure if I did upload one to Flickr. Will have to check and get back to you :o)

  3. Dr S

    I agree…morning light is magical. I’ve had my most stunning soul-stirring experience ever while flashes of fresh clear morning light danced around me…beautiful.

  4. Paul

    Post author

    Lol Hendrik, or the more photos you take the more there are to choose from? :D

    DrS, you paint the picture so beautifully, “flashes of fresh clear morning light danced”.

  5. Beverley

    Paul this shot is stunning I like the seeing the ‘legs’ just going by – wonder if the person was on the way to his place of work…

    Thanks for the link to my Flickr Paul! :)

  6. Paul

    Post author

    Lol, never thought of that Deems. :)

    Beverley, yes, I was wondering too. I recall though that he seemed to be walking with more determination than what a person on holiday would be walking. :)

  7. Terry

    Morning light is indeed special, and this is an awesome photograph, well done!
    I’ve always enjoyed taking, or looking at photographs taken into the sun, and like to often avoid the old rule of photographers always having the sun behind them when they take photos. If everyone stuck to that rule, we wouldn’t see any beautiful photos like this one.

  8. Paul

    Post author

    I agree with you, anything is worth a try – what’s important is that you, or perhaps even someone else likes it. :) Thanks for your comment, I’m glad that you like the photo.

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