Ostrich egg art

Ostrich Eggs
I'm not sure of their numbers, but South Africa has plenty of ostriches. In fact, it's normally pretty easy to find in local supermarkets, and you'll regularly see Ostrich Fillet on restaurant menus.

In case you're curious - ostrich fillet is pretty tender, it looks a lot like beef, except that it's slightly darker in colour and you will likely never see fat on the meat. Ostrich is in fact one of the healthiest meats with a fat content lower than that of skinless chicken or turkey, and high in protein and iron.

All this said, while ostrich meat is fairly similar to beef, I have to say that I still prefer a good, thick, T-Bone steak - every time. :)

8 thoughts on “Ostrich egg art

  1. Paul

    Post author

    Imagine having these as garden lights Bev? They’re pretty, but I wouldn’t have them in my house I don’t think. But, in the garden… they’d be awesome!

  2. Emm

    I miss eating ostrich meat – we often ate it instead of red meat in South Africa (which means we only ate red meat 5 times a week with another night off for chicken). Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration but I’ve had to make a concerted effort to eat red meat occasionally in this country as my iron is down.

    Those eggs are gorgeous!

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Yeah Emm… perhaps I should start an ostrich steak export business… :)
    Aren’t guavas and beetroot also very high in iron?

    Just on the red meat issue – I think we (South Africans) eat *way* too much red meat. We’ve (Kerry-Anne and I) been trying to cut down on it lately… but it’s soooo… difficult. :)

  4. natalie

    hi there im not to sure how to go about this but was wondering if any one could please help. i am doing a project at collage its for my final year and im doing it on egg art and would like to know where i could get ostrich eggs from im based in cape town please help :)

  5. Paul

    Post author

    Hi Natalie, I’m not sure – but perhaps you could contact Tina Shirling from Deco Gecko – she does some kind of craft using ostrich eggs.

    Alternatively, there is an ostrich farm on the N7 – between Blouberg and Melkbos I think – there’s a huge sign on the left when traveling in the direction of Cape Town that reads “Shhh… ostriches being laid”.

    I’ve also spotted ostriches in a field on the road in Durbanville that leads to the Fair Cape farm… perhaps you could inquire there.

  6. Paul

    Post author

    Oh, and Natalie, I just noticed that I never mentioned where this photo was taken. I took it through the window of a shop at the V&A Waterfront – next door to Cape Union Mart, close to the Wheel of Excellence.

  7. Colleen Conway

    Hello I m look for caves ostrich egg and my Patrick egg broken and I bought it at Cape Town so need new one can give me yer email please

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