Morning harbour

Table Bay harbour
Do something good, for yourself. Visit Table Bay harbour (at the V&A Waterfront) on a clear day, early in the morning, as the sun is rising - at least once. It's one of the most beautiful and peaceful experiences you'll have while visiting Cape Town.

Click here for a map to where I took this photo.

4 thoughts on “Morning harbour

  1. Pamela

    Beautiful light and I love the photo and the way the hard structures are softened by the early morning.

    With just 5 days until our trip to SA we are getting a bit anxious about the flight situation! But if all goes well, we plan at least one early morning start to Intaka Island in Century City, it looks like the V&A merits it as well.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Indeed there is Beverley.

    Pamela, Kerry-Anne’s still stuck in Paris, but fortunately has a flight booked for Thursday night… assuming that the airport will be open! I hope it goes well with your flight! Hey, perhaps you’ll get to stay longer in SA should it reoccur… ;)

  3. Pamela

    Poor Kerry-Anne – I know Paris is lovely and all, but… means she can’t relax and enjoy it.

    But, yes, it has just, you know, briefly crossed my mind that a little extra puff of ash in a couple of weeks could be good!

    That said there is a growing swell of annoyance that the ban on flights may not be very scientifically based. And in all seriousness, I am just worrying about a holiday, there are farmers in Africa and other areas of the world that send exotic foods to Europe who risk losing a lot more.

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