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Doing what it takes

Doing what it takes
There's a guy who, every morning, pushes this cart with his handmade bedside tables and baskets from wherever he lives, or wherever he's dropped off, to this spot close to our home. He sits here all day long, selling only a few items, and then heads home in the evening.

Although the last few days have been warm - imagine what it's like pushing the trolley to this spot on bitterly cold mornings and sitting here on stormy days in the hope of selling a few items to make an honest living. Nobody would condone theft, but seeing the hardships that many people go through to make only a few Rands makes me understand how very tempting crime must be - and gives me great respect for those who don't resort to it.

It's a good a noble thing to buy what you don't need and don't want only to support people like this.

Early-morning Sea Point

Early-morning Sea Point
This isn't a sight that many people get to see - most of us are asleep at 05h30 and regularly miss the best time of day!

As the title suggests, this is a view of the city's coastal suburb of Sea Point. The photo was taken pretty much 180 degrees from this one, which was taken from Green Point in the direction of Sea Point.

The naked trees

The naked trees
This photo was taken on the same day as my second last post where I mentioned that I took my car to Supa Quick to get it's shock absorbers replaced. Considering this there are two things that you're able to learn from this photo.

The first is that even though a few bushes and trees in my garden have started sprouting leaves, flowers and fruit, by the bareness of these trees it's clear that it's still winter in Cape Town. We're having great weather at the moment, but it is still winter.

The second thing that you're able to learn is that when you take your car to have shock absorbers replaced, ensure that you arrive early to be first in line. Even though Supa Quick have several bays - I ensured that I was there just after 8am to be sure that I wouldn't have to wait in line. :)

Silhouette in the morning light

Silhouette of a man
I said in a previous post that there's something special about morning light. This photo hopefully shows to you why I, and all the photographers that I know, love morning light.

Looking at this one I can almost feel the cool morning air and warmer rays of orange light. This sure was a beautiful morning at the Waterfront. Wouldn't you agree Beverley? (At the time she was shooting a similar photo slightly behind and to the right of me.) :)

Morning harbour

Table Bay harbour
Do something good, for yourself. Visit Table Bay harbour (at the V&A Waterfront) on a clear day, early in the morning, as the sun is rising - at least once. It's one of the most beautiful and peaceful experiences you'll have while visiting Cape Town.

Click here for a map to where I took this photo.

Cloudy skies at sunrise

Cloudy sunrise
The morning sky was filled with nasty grey clouds, and yet the breaking sun made everything look beautiful - beautiful enough that, even though I was running a little late for work, I dashed outside in my jammies to catch this photo.