Doing what it takes

Doing what it takes
There's a guy who, every morning, pushes this cart with his handmade bedside tables and baskets from wherever he lives, or wherever he's dropped off, to this spot close to our home. He sits here all day long, selling only a few items, and then heads home in the evening.

Although the last few days have been warm - imagine what it's like pushing the trolley to this spot on bitterly cold mornings and sitting here on stormy days in the hope of selling a few items to make an honest living. Nobody would condone theft, but seeing the hardships that many people go through to make only a few Rands makes me understand how very tempting crime must be - and gives me great respect for those who don't resort to it.

It's a good a noble thing to buy what you don't need and don't want only to support people like this.

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