Cloudy-grey on Bottelary

Cloudy-grey on Bottelary
This photo was taken on the Bottelary road that joins Bellville, Brackenfell, Kuilsrivier, and Kraaifontein to the Stellenbosch wine district. The word "bottelary" is an Afrikaans word that refers to a bottling plant - specifically, the kind that bottles wine. :)

The weather represented in the photo is actually in stalk contrast to the weather that we've been experiencing yesterday and today. In my next post I'll show you just how great the weather that we're having now is. After living here for so many years it's still astonishing to me how quickly and drastically the weather conditions change in Cape Town.

One thought on “Cloudy-grey on Bottelary

  1. Sofi

    Hi there,

    Love the idea on a daily photo, Excellent Blog,

    Yes the Weather does change Quickly here,

    They say, if you dont like the weather in Cape Town, Wait 15 minutes,

    Keep up the good work,


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