The Waterfront from Signal Hill

The V&A Waterfront from Signal Hill
If you head up the slopes of Signal Hill, above De Waterkant and the last row of homes, you're able to scramble a little way up among the trees to get this view of Table Bay and the V&A Waterfront. It's a great vantage point, and one not often visited by tourists - or even locals (I'm hazarding a guess!). Imagine the early morning view as the sun rises over the Boland Mountain range (slightly to the right of this photo).

We live in a very special city folks. Cape Town <3. :)

3 thoughts on “The Waterfront from Signal Hill

  1. Washi

    I love this pic Paul, and will definitely show it to my Mom. All my family (both sets of parents, grandparents, et al) lived in Loader Street. After my parents married they moved down the road to De Smidt street. This was the vantage point my late uncle used to have when he painted the surrounding area over 40 years ago! Thanks for sharing :)

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