Wear a hat

A cap and a hat

If you plan on visiting Cape Town and come from a cooler climate - like say the UK - then may I suggest if you decide on a day of waking about in the sun, do consider taking a hat along.

I've often seen tourists walking around glowing red from sunburn - like a ripe old tomato. While it's nice to absorb the warm rays of the sun, having it burn you could leave you with sun stroke (it's not fun, believe me), ruin your entire week, and even cause you to end up in hospital.

So friends, when playing in Africa respect the sun, it's especially harsh in this part of the world. Wear plenty of sun screen and (especially if you have fair skin) take a hat along if you plan on being out in the sun for longer than half an hour.

One thought on “Wear a hat

  1. mjw

    I must second this – if you’ve never been here before it’s important to be aware that the sun in Africa is not like the sun in other parts of the world, even in winter. Wear sunscreen and a hat!

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