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Disabled travel in Cape Town

Wheelchair parking
To me it looks like the sign painted on the tar reserves this huge parking bay for someone who's ready to relax on a strangely-shaped chair, or or oddly-shaped bed. But then, I guess I did take the photo from this reasonably obtuse angle because it looked slightly quirky.

I've never given much thought to how disabled people, or (in this particular case) folk in wheelchairs, get around Cape Town. I'd never thought much about how easy, or perhaps difficult it is to navigate our many tourist attractions, visit our shopping malls, or roll to the edge of a sandy beach (can one ride wheelchairs onto beach sand, and if so, as with 4x4s, do you have to deflate their tyres a little?). :)

I guess now that Kerry-Anne's been making her way around on crutches it's caused me (and perhaps us both) to consider how easy or difficult it is to get around. I've given it some thought and if I think about the places that we mostly frequent, many of them and most tourist attractions in and around Cape Town cater for wheelchairs and people that find it difficult to get around.

I did a little research and found (amidst the sea of tour operators, hotels and B&Bs) two South African companies that specialise in tours for disabled travelers. The first is RollingSA, and the second (Cape Town-based) Flamingo Adventure Tours. Do you know of any more that specialise in disabled travel? Please share them in a comment below.

Wear a hat

A cap and a hat

If you plan on visiting Cape Town and come from a cooler climate - like say the UK - then may I suggest if you decide on a day of waking about in the sun, do consider taking a hat along.

I've often seen tourists walking around glowing red from sunburn - like a ripe old tomato. While it's nice to absorb the warm rays of the sun, having it burn you could leave you with sun stroke (it's not fun, believe me), ruin your entire week, and even cause you to end up in hospital.

So friends, when playing in Africa respect the sun, it's especially harsh in this part of the world. Wear plenty of sun screen and (especially if you have fair skin) take a hat along if you plan on being out in the sun for longer than half an hour.