Friendly kitties of the fantastic Kruger

Friendly Cheetah

I was lucky to get this photo of the Tshukudu game reserve's pet cheetah bearing its teeth. After taking the picture I looked at it and thought that it looked threatening, whereas Kerry-Anne thought that it looked more like it was smiling. The truth is that the friendly animal had just woken from its sleep and was closing its mouth after the biggest yawn ever!

Of all the large cats, the cheetah is the only one that can be tamed. You could try keeping a lion or a leopard as a pet, but eventually instinct takes over and you may just find yourself becoming the prey. Cheetahs on the other hand are fairly domesticable. One interesting, lesser-known fact is that the cheetah is the only large cat that can purr like your own kitty!

After watching the cheetah and the lodge's dog play-fight for a while, we headed out into the reserve on the back of a game drive vehicle. The first few photos of this album were taken at our own lodge, with the rest being from Tshukudu. Be sure to look at the second page of the album - you'll see two hippos playing Marco Polo, and two lions and their cub that we came across after the sun had already set!

3 thoughts on “Friendly kitties of the fantastic Kruger

  1. Dr S

    Oh how adorable! I remember playing with the cheetah cubs at Spier Wine Estate a few years ago. What a rare privilege to get so close to these amazing animals!

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Ah, thank you Bev, and thanks DrS.
    DrS, I’ve also been to Spier – it’s a great place to visit, although, not so much on rainy days like today!

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