All the better to hear you with…


The day that was set aside for our trip into the Kruger National Park was unusually cold, windy, and overcast. The region usually has clear, sunny and warm days around this time of the year - but Kerry-Anne mistakenly packed a Cape Town winter's day into her suitcase. No wonder it was so heavy! :D

Apart from the fact that it was a little cooler than expected, we had a fun day being driven around the park. Our eagle-eyed guide, Bongani from Viva Safaris, pointed out birds, zebra, elephant, giraffe, lions, buffalo, wildebeest, crocodile, waterbuck, kudu, rhino, and a few other animals - most of which we would never have spotted amongst the bushes had we driven ourselves! Bongani spent the entire day driving, spotting, and telling us stories about almost every animal that we stopped to take a look at, making the outing not only an awe-inspiring experience, but an informative learning experience as well.

Besides for the kudu that I've used for today's photo I took plenty of photos over the course of the day. I selected a few of these to place into an album for you to view, so click here if you'd like to get a glimpse of what we saw in Kruger Park.

This post concludes our little holiday to the north of our country and the Kruger National Park. My next post will return to Cape Town Daily Photo's regular photos and stories about life in Cape Town, our country's Mother City. :)

9 thoughts on “All the better to hear you with…

  1. Alan

    Hi Paul,

    Although it is a beautiful picture, it is unfortunately not the water buck, but a female Kudu featured on your daily photo. Definitely a highlight to any visit to a game park.


  2. Kerry-Anne

    Eeeek, thanks Alan! I take full responsibility – while poor Paul has been blogging ridiculously late at night, I’ve been checking his posts in the full light of day and should have picked that one up.

    Of course you’re 100% right. I’ll correct the post asap.

  3. Monica

    Hi there, I am so glad I found your site and your wonderful pictures of Kruger Park. I have always wanted to go there but being that I am from Arizona, USA I doubt that will happen. Your photos are truly remarkable and some of my favotires were: The Giraffe with the birds sitting on his head, The close up of the Zebra’s that look like their stipes have been painted on, The Elephant with his trunk thrown over his ear:) and the Giraffee with the baby zebra. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks for your comment Monica, and for mentioning specifically which pics you liked most. I don’t know your situation, but I’ve heard that it’s not *that* expensive to visit Kruger Park if you’re paying in USD. But then, I guess “expensive” is relative, and flights aren’t cheap. Perhaps in your surfing of the web you’ll come across some competition in which you win a trip – so don’t give up hope quite yet. ;)

  5. Bev

    Oh I so remember seeing the Kudu and having a smile about the ears and how handy that size would be for hearing what is going on around you and of course for sussing out if danger was nearby!!

    Great focus on the ears..

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