National Ostrich Day

Upside down people
I think this guy took "National Ostrich Day" way too far, and besides, it's a fallacy that ostriches stick their heads into the ground when afraid. Based on what I've read there are various reasons why people may have believed this at some silly stage in history. Some say that ostriches dig holes in the ground in which to lay their eggs - apparently keeping the huge eggs below ground-level makes them more difficult for predators to spot.

However, the more likely reason for people having believed that ostriches bury their heads is because when they sense danger that they're unable to run away from they flop on the ground and keep their long necks and round heads flat on the ground as to (from a distance) look like an ant hill, or a perhaps rock. Kinda clever if you ask me. :)

Oh, and just for the record, there is no such thing as National Ostrich Day. ;)

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