Cash Creators

Cash Creators
First there was Cash Converters, and next came Cash Crusaders... and to my surprise another bright businessman opened the third in the trio of Cash* shops, Cash Creators. I guess if you're going to copy another business you may as well take on a similar name - I guess it makes advertising cheap. :)

Cash Creators in Durbanville, much like the other two, is essentially a pawn shop that stocks a lot of items that you probably wouldn't want, along with a few items that may be of interest to a more discerning browser. They had a few large LCD monitors at pretty reasonable prices when I popped in... along with a few not-so-great home theatre systems. Unsurprisingly perhaps, the coolest part of the shop for me is the tools section where you're able to scratch through old well-used tools like spanners, screwdrivers, and strange wrenches and pretty decent prices.

What I actually popped in to look for was a camera lens or two... but alas, they only had a couple of really old ones that would more likely fit on the front of a '66 Mustang GT than on the front of my camera. :(

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