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A checkered perspective

A checkered perspective
We don't often participate in our City Daily Photo community's monthly Theme Day - I normally only realise a day or two after the first day of the month that Theme Day has come and gone!

Today's theme is "perspective", so take a little time to tour the world by visiting our fellow City Daily Photo sites. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

For interest - I took this photo outside a lovely little coffee shop called Kikka in the town of Paarl - some 60 kilometers outside of Cape Town.

Why we love Wembley Square

Sinn's Restaurant in Wembley Square
Perhaps the reason for all the fuss around Wembley Square stems from the trendy style that the small centre with it's restaurants, coffee shops and boutique shops oozes. Or, perhaps it's because of the natural light that streams through the glass ceiling and doors that gives the square it's outside feel, but keeps it protected from the enthusiastic wind and rain that our fair city is known for.

Personally, I think it's both of these, plus that S-Bar (part of Sinn's Restaurant) has comfy couches and low tables that friends can gather around to enjoy drinks and tapas. Whatever the reason - the spot remains a great place to relax with friends and soak up the City. :)

Macarons, they’re so good they must be bad


It's embarrassing yes - the sign "Parisian Macaroons" spells the name of this delicate French biscuit (of sorts) incorrectly. It's not macaroon (phonetically ma-ca-roon) it's macaron (phonetically ma-ca-raun). You won't believe how many people get the spelling and pronunciation wrong. Macaroons are in fact something completely different to these lovely macarons - see the photo on the Wikipedia article on macaroons.

Kerry-Anne bought a few of these lovelies when visiting Ladurée in Paris earlier this year - later to discover that Daniela's in the Cape Quarter sells macarons that (to me) taste exactly like the one's that she babied on the flight from Paris to South Africa!

If you haven't yet tasted one of these - visit Daniela's and spend R10 to buy one - you'll love 'em!

Things that money can buy

Bathroom mirror
While it's true that in itself money can't buy happiness, I think you'll find many people who have a lot of it would argue that it can help enable happiness. For example, if you find yourself hating cooking and cleaning day in and day out, being financially able to hire someone to do this for you allows you to enjoy your true passions; the things that make you happy - like painting, biking, or hiking perhaps. Perhaps, in the same way, having beautiful things your home helps enable happiness - that is, if you enjoy beautiful things of course.

I'm not saying that money, and the beautiful things that one's able to purchase or do with it, can change unhappy situations (like a bad marriage or a crummy job) into happy ones. What I am saying is that while money can't fix unhappy situations it can, in some way, buy happiness.

If you're wondering why I'm being so philosophical - this is the thought I had after visiting the beautiful Victoria Bathrooms shop that I mentioned in my previous post. :)

Mariage Frères – Paris in Cape Town

Victorian Bathrooms

After being chastised by the owner of Voila (a restaurant at The Cape Quarter) for taking photos of his cake display we moved on and discovered the most delightful bathroom shop in The Cape Quarter that eroded my annoyance at first sight.

While modern bathrooms are nice, the Victorian bathroom accessories sold by Victorian Bathrooms are just so much more. Kerry-Anne and I fell in love with far too many items in this beautiful shop. The only problem is the price tag that comes with such timeless quality! However, if you're able to afford it you have to visit! (Even if you simply want to enjoy looking - the shop assistants are fantastically friendly, so pop in to take a look.)

Something that we were delighted to discover is that Victorian Bathrooms sell a special (and hard-to-find) brand of tea that Kerry-Anne fell in love with in Paris - Mariage Frères. I'm guessing that the rationale for selling this tea is that it draws discerning clients to the shop - and this quality French tea is a perfect fit for the bathroom accessories found at Victorian Bathrooms.

Taken from the Mariage Frères website:

Mariage Frères has turned to an almost
forbidden fruit, candied chestnuts,
to compose its 'Red Autumn' tea.

Notes of noble chestnuts candied with sugar and Bourbon vanilla are sustained
by a mild, grassy green tea, creating
a new chapter in the history of taste.

Too good to be true - but true!

Doesn't that sound wonderful?

Supa Quick for shocks

Supa Quick in Brackenfell
I normally take my car to another "fast" exhaust, tyre, and shock absorber fitting company - but on recommendation this time took it to Supa Quick in Brackenfell (map). I was so impressed by their service that I decided to snap this photo and write a short review.

Let me say that I never shopped around - so I don't know if R2686 was a good deal for 4 shock absorbers, but I'm so tired of poor service, and figured that since my dad (a demanding customer of note) recommended them, I was almost assured to be happy.

And, I was. The professionalism and courtesy of both the sales and technical staff was something unlike what I've become accustom to in their industry. I normally have the feeling that I have to watch over peoples shoulders when they work on my car but I felt so comfortable with these guys that I spent the following two hours walking around the area, taking photos. :)

For the record, I realise that it may sound that way, but I haven't been incentivised to write this review - I'd just like to give credit for a job well done.

Inside Torino Chocolate House

Inside Torino Chocolate House
Following on from my previous post - this is the inside of Torino Chocolate House on Kloofnek Road (map). On a whim I decided to pop in and discovered the inside of the shop to be this relatively small room, with a relatively small granny as the Guardian of the Chocolate.

I considered (in true Robin Hood style of course) pushing her over, filling bags with chocolates and running into the street to distribute them to those who couldn't afford these delectable delights. But, fortunately for the dear old granny, she was far too sweet to justify such an act - no matter how noble it may be. Come to think of it though, perhaps the sweetness was due to the chocolate she'd been eating... in which case...

Anyway, Robin-Hoodism aside, I never expected the shop to be so very red inside - but I guess it adds to the romance often associated with fine chocolate. I picked about 8 chocolates filled with whiskey, cream, amarula liqueur, and the like - and as I said in a comment on my previous post, the chocolates were great, but more because of the fillings and less because of the quality of the chocolate (not that there was anything wrong with the actual chocolate). I'm not a connoisseur, but in terms of chocolate, I'd vote for masses of plain chocolate over filled chocolate capsules any day. :)

Torino Chocolates

Torino Chocolates
Assuming you don't know the shop, and without looking up the address - where have you seen this bike parked? Every time Kerry-Anne and I have driven past either the shop's been closed or we've always been in too much of a rush to visit.

I'll share with you a view of the inside tomorrow, but alas, I can't share with you what I bought... :)


This first time that you may have heard the word "Laduma" (pronounced laa-doo-mah) may have been after South African left-wing, Siphiwe Tshabalala, scored the first goal in the 2010 World Cup.

Translated from Zulu the word means "it thunders" and is usually used as a long, loud, and drawn out exclamation of excitement and happiness when a player scores a goal - laaaaaaaaa-doooooooo-maaaaaaaaah! :)

A rustic rural shop

Rustic Rural Shop

I discovered a small shop that sells a few baked goods, plants, trees, and other odds and ends out on the R302 behind Durbanville (map). It was strange in that the building was filled with smoke from a fire that had been made inside, and there was nobody else except for the proprietor who was chatting with two of her friends. It's really a strange little place!

Cash Creators

Cash Creators
First there was Cash Converters, and next came Cash Crusaders... and to my surprise another bright businessman opened the third in the trio of Cash* shops, Cash Creators. I guess if you're going to copy another business you may as well take on a similar name - I guess it makes advertising cheap. :)

Cash Creators in Durbanville, much like the other two, is essentially a pawn shop that stocks a lot of items that you probably wouldn't want, along with a few items that may be of interest to a more discerning browser. They had a few large LCD monitors at pretty reasonable prices when I popped in... along with a few not-so-great home theatre systems. Unsurprisingly perhaps, the coolest part of the shop for me is the tools section where you're able to scratch through old well-used tools like spanners, screwdrivers, and strange wrenches and pretty decent prices.

What I actually popped in to look for was a camera lens or two... but alas, they only had a couple of really old ones that would more likely fit on the front of a '66 Mustang GT than on the front of my camera. :(