Why we love Wembley Square

Sinn's Restaurant in Wembley Square
Perhaps the reason for all the fuss around Wembley Square stems from the trendy style that the small centre with it's restaurants, coffee shops and boutique shops oozes. Or, perhaps it's because of the natural light that streams through the glass ceiling and doors that gives the square it's outside feel, but keeps it protected from the enthusiastic wind and rain that our fair city is known for.

Personally, I think it's both of these, plus that S-Bar (part of Sinn's Restaurant) has comfy couches and low tables that friends can gather around to enjoy drinks and tapas. Whatever the reason - the spot remains a great place to relax with friends and soak up the City. :)

One thought on “Why we love Wembley Square

  1. Caroline

    I agree – its a very comfy, trendy spot. It reminds me of the many of the places we have been to in Johannesburg where our son lives – good vibes. And the bread from Knead is also very good!

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