Torino Chocolates

Torino Chocolates
Assuming you don't know the shop, and without looking up the address - where have you seen this bike parked? Every time Kerry-Anne and I have driven past either the shop's been closed or we've always been in too much of a rush to visit.

I'll share with you a view of the inside tomorrow, but alas, I can't share with you what I bought... :)

13 thoughts on “Torino Chocolates

  1. Paul

    Post author

    They have a huge variety and they’re not *too* expensive. The chocolates were pretty good… so yeah, I think it’s worth a stop. :)

  2. Pia K

    we did stop by there when in cape town… over 3 years ago. not sure i thought much of the chocolate though (sorry), but i did like the interior.

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Pia K, thanks for your comment – it’s good to know. While I found the chocolate good – I’m no chocolate connoisseur. However nice it was, I still have to say that it’s difficult to beat Lindt – I love the stuff! :)

  4. Cristina

    Sure, I will go and try their chocolate, but I believe it will be impossible to reach the sublime and heavenly taste of the Peyrano chocolate. Connoisseurs say it’s the best in the world. It is clear that I’m mad about chocolate!!!!

  5. Selma

    I was wondering if you guys maybe could name some good clubs and bares in cape town, becuase im traveling to south africa i december and im gonna be in cape town and johannesburg, and i heard the night life is pretty good there :)
    best regards/ selma

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  7. Paul

    Post author

    mjw – yes, indeed it is. Just a few meters to the right I think.

    Selma – mjw’s absolutely correct. Long Street in the city center is pretty popular. Try sticking to the top of Long though, the bottom end’s a little dodgy at night.

    If you’re into dancing, then you could also visit DecoDance in Woodstock. The dance floor isn’t big, but they play good music and you should have fun.

  8. thamashni

    I stopped by there this weekend while holidaying in Cape Town. So glad that I bought more chocolate than one person can eat, because they are delicious! :-)

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