The Taj’s metamorphosis

The Taj Hotel
As I mentioned in my previous post, the South African Reserve Bank and BoE buildings were transformed into what we know as the Taj today. What I never realised is exactly how young the hotel actually is. Click through to this post (on their own blog) to see what the hotel looked like only a year ago! Comparing my photo with that one - isn't is astounding what can be achieved in under a year? Perhaps there's a life lesson in that somewhere. ;)

Yes, that hot babe in the photo is indeed Kerry-Anne patiently waiting for me to finish taking photos. :D

6 thoughts on “The Taj’s metamorphosis

  1. Val Palk

    What a spectacular conversion. As one involved in the renovation process for the last three months, however, I beg to differ about the year’s worth of work. I’d be amazed with the money, experts and labour available if the work hadn’t been achieved in a year.

  2. Bev

    I really see myself strolling elegantly through here :)

    It was good to get some-one and who better than Kerry-Ann in the picture.. :)

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Val, I’ve seen a lot of money thrown at projects that still run late. I’m remain impressed with the transformation. ;)

    Jose, see my previous post, and click on the link “bottom of wale” in the text. It’ll take you to a Google map.

    Bev, this certainly is a place for a lady of your calibre. :)

  4. Grace OLsson

    a big difference. I know taht building. I visited cape Town 8 times and in september I will go back again..I love Cape Town…My third home,….

    have a nice day
    congrats for all shots

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