Well-hidden entrances

Concealed driveways
This road-sign always puzzled me when I was little. I couldn't understand why they would actually put up a sign to tell us about these "concealed driveways". I mean, surely they'd been concealed for a reason? Wouldn't their owners be a bit annoyed that someone was going around putting up signs alerting everyone to their existence, when they'd tried so hard to hide them? (I've always been a rather literal thinker.)

These signs still baffle me a bit, to be honest, although for a slightly different reason. I presume their purpose is to warn us that people might unexpectedly be turning out of these concealed driveways - but surely it's the responsibility of the motorist doing the turning to make sure that the road is clear before they pull out into it?

4 thoughts on “Well-hidden entrances

  1. John Unsworth

    It is a warning to watch out for drivers unexpectedly slowing down to turn into drives you did not know were there.

  2. Kerry-Anne

    Post author

    Aha! Thanks, John; that makes a whole lot more sense. Although I’m so used to people unexpectedly slowing down for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON AT ALL that I’m not sure I’d notice the difference. :P

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