While studying and in my early years of working in Cape Town I had a few friends who I often heard talking of their nights out in Cape Town's clubs and bars. It's sounded like huge amounts of fun, but for whatever reason I rarely (which means perhaps once) joined them. In retrospect I regret this.

While walking down the World Cup Fan Walk in Cape Town recently I came across one of their old haunts in Waterkant Street - Crowbar. For some reason I'd always had a picture of an actual crowbar in my mind when listening to the stories of the previous nights fun.

I found it strange that the bar was open late on a Sunday morning, and I guess wasn't surprised when I stepped inside to find that I was their only patron. In case you're curious about how it looks inside, the barman was kind enough to allow me to snap a few photos - one of which I'll share with you in my next post.

6 thoughts on “Crowbar

  1. Deems

    Hey Paul – brings back memories indeed – New Years Eve was always a blast back in the day (mid 90’s) in Waterkant street which was always closed off for traffic and everyone partied in the street between the Crowbar and the former George Pub and Harleys (upstairs) – both of which no longer exist since that’s our parking garage now. I’ve not been inside the Crowbar in years but it’s become seedier than it used to be :)

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Deems, I believe it was – and I’m so miffed that I never got to experience it. Perhaps now that the fan walk has been established it may turn out again to be what it was back then. :)

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  4. Paul

    I made friends in the Crowbar in october 1981, there was actually a crow in a cage. When coming back in 1996 the atmosphere was different, the crow waa gone. Next april I’ll pay a visit again. Paul from The Netherlands

  5. Jason Michelson

    I find the Crow Bar to be reasonably price, decent people. The only thing that really creeped me out was the very obvious gay barman who was flirting with every Dick Tom and Harry that came in. Don’t get me wrong I have no problem with gay people, my baby brother is gay and I am very proud to be his brother but i do feel that a little decorum goes a long way.

    I was at the Crow Bar with a lady friend and felt so uncomfortable because this dude couldn’t keep his eyes off me, which lead to my lady friend wanting to leave the establishment

    Please take this review in a positive light, i feel very strongly that a restaurant is only as good as its staff and its that waiter or barman personality that can either attract or retract patriots to come back to your establishment

  6. Paul Gilowey

    Post author

    Hi Jason – naturally I don’t know the full context of your experience, or exactly how he behaved, but yes, I can imagine that unwanted attention is very uncomfortable.

    I imagine women must often feel how you felt – and it’s arguably worse for them given that guys are generally physically dominant. We, guys, suck sometimes. :-/

    Anyway, thanks for the note – it’s a pity I don’t have their management’s details so that I could forward your review and concern on to them.

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