Off to work!

Off to work
A very common way of transporting employees to work sites is on the back of a bakkie or on a truck like this one.

I'm fairly sure that at some stage it became illegal to transport people in this manner - but even with several recent tragedies related to this form of transport it remains common practice. I guess the reality is that for many small businesses it's completely impractical and too expensive to have a bakkie to transport goods and materials to a work site and a minibus to transport the workmen.

It's one of those difficult debates to have because I can assure you that if the workmen are faced with a choice to take transport like this, or find their own way to a work site, or lose their job, they'd jump onto the back of this truck in a flash.

The reality is that most people believe that an accident won't happen to them - so they're happy to take chances like this. Call me over-cautious or a wet blanket, but Russian roulette - it isn't my game. :)

6 thoughts on “Off to work!

  1. Bev

    It’s a difficult one Paul and as you say none of us believe that it (an accident) will happen to us and also I can understand that for these guys and others like them any precious monies earned they don’t want to pay out on transport to get to and from their job…don’t know the answer!

  2. Ali

    In preparation for my stay in SA, I’ve read that even in SA drivers are obliged to use a seatbelt. In Germany, you are not allowed to sit on a place where there is no seatbelt. I think, a German police officer would get a heartstroke, if so. would use a car in this way. :D

    I also made some photos because I was sure that no one back home would believe it without a photographic proof.

    Btw: I was also very surprised how much South Africans fit in a car. But how the hell is it possible to squeeze 102 kids in a 18-seater? I’ve also mentioned the story in my blog, added the notice that I’m reluctant believing this story even if it’s given out by the City of Cape Town.

  3. Paul

    Post author

    I guess that’s exactly the point and the problem Bev. As you say – it’s difficult.

    Ali, perhaps they were going a record in the Guinness Book of World Records? While that may be amusing, I guess it’s no joke at all. I have no idea how that was possible – but I’m glad that the cops caught them!

    I often see parents driving with kids on their laps – or else the kids standing on the front seat… it makes me mad as a hatter. Some people simply have no clue.

  4. Ali

    I also saw kids, who stand on the front seat. Very often, the irresponsible parents also phoned during the driving. I hope the people will pay more attention to security matters asap.

  5. Paul

    Post author

    It’s a bit of a generalisation Jan, but you have a point there. I’m sure all South African’s have seen their fair share of terrible driving practices along with overloaded minibuses.

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