Report a running tap or a leaking pipe

A running tap
Many have been ecstatic that Cape Town had such great weather while the world came to visit us this June/July - but now that spring has sprung a little earlier than normal and warmer weather approaches the reality that the rest of the year may be a dry one starts to set in. See the chart on Cape Water Solution's blog post.

Fortunately, contrary to how it appears, this tap isn't actually leaking - I turned it open a little to illustrate a leaking tap and have the opportunity to share with you the City of Cape Town's share-call number (086 010 3054) where you're able to lodge any complaints about water wastage, leaking taps, poor sanitation, etc.

I've been saying it for ages - but I really need to get working on my grey-water solution for summer. Either that, or I need to pave my entire lawn... but it's a catch-22: Pave the lawn to save water while killing off more plant-life that we can't afford to lose. Perhaps the answer is to make sure that my garden consists mostly of indigenous plants!

3 thoughts on “Report a running tap or a leaking pipe

  1. Ali

    So, you guys have stolen the warm weather from Germany??? In Leipzig, my hometown, we had today only ten degrees. In August, it have been rained most since the beginning of weather recording. In some areas even snow falls. It’s still summer! :(

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