A city center photo walk

Hungry for food
Perhaps it's all the walking, but I always seem to get terribly hungry when out on a photo walk.

Naturally you'd need to be familiar with Cape Town to answer this question... but given this sign and that I was somewhere in the city center - and given my previous photo - where do you think I visited to buy a refreshingly different take-away lunch?

6 thoughts on “A city center photo walk

  1. Bev

    I was going to ask the question where is it and the name but I’ve have my answer from the previous comment! :)

    I think I’ll go for a muffin and coffee that would be rather nice..

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Nicola, Craig – right you both are! Nicola – being wozforlunch I’m hardly surprised that you know this spot, and Craig, I guess having worked there for a while helps. :)

    Bev – perhaps we’ll meet up with you there for that coffee and muffin?

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