Cape Town City Hall – a different perspective

Cape Town City Hall
For some reason, and I honestly can't say why, I've never seen the back of the city hall! To help you get some perspective on where this photo was taken - the lower left corner of this photo has the Grand Parade in the distance. You may recall that I posted a photo of this building from a different angle a few months back.

The last time I was in the City Hall was during the mid '90s. At that time it house the Central Library, and I remember spending time in a slightly stuffy, very cramped, slightly dark room that reminded me of a library that you'd be more likely to be visiting if your name were Harry Potter.

I never realised this before now, but on closer investigation I've just learned that in 2008 the library moved to a building located just to the left of this one (if you were facing it's front). Kerry-Anne hasn't read this article yet - but I imagine that on reading she'll be insisting that we soon pay the "new" library a visit. :)

4 thoughts on “Cape Town City Hall – a different perspective

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  2. Bev

    I know the photo is about the building which is course a beautiful old building but the other thing I’ve noticed is the patch of blue sky and the green leaves coming on the trees indicating your Spring is around the corner!!

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