Are we human or are we dancer?

Adidas on a bike
At first I never realised what this mural was about - but then when reviewing it this evening I realised that it's an advert - for Adidas. Perhaps just like you, I enjoy good clothing, but contrary to many I'm in no way brand loyal. I don't identify myself with a particular brand and have a rather cynical view on, especially, branded clothing.

Many photographers are extremely loyal to the make of camera that they use. I happen to use a Canon camera, but I'd switch to another make in the blink of an eye - provided of course that what I switched to is of similar or better quality.

Isn't it strange how people are affected by branding and marketing? Isn't it interesting how one's opinion can be swayed by a marketing company associating one thing with something that one may aspire to be - like Adidas being associated with this cool-looking guy on a bike?

Marketing and media really do have the power to sway our minds - in a way we're just putty in someone else's hands, and I guess this is partly the motivation on my post about the media and I believe a part of the message behind the The Killers song, Human. See the "Meaning" section of the Wikipedia article if you're unsure of what I'm referring to.

Are you human or are you dancer?

10 thoughts on “Are we human or are we dancer?

  1. Shaun

    Its not the brand that really matters, its the message behind the brand and the advert that’s more disturbing.


    Work all week for money that your programmed through advertising to part with by buying things you don’t need.
    Its a cycle that man is born in to.
    The worst kind of slavery is the slavery that isn’t obvious.

    To answer your question, am I human or am i dancer, were all dancers, puppets on strings doing what the Tv and averts tell us to do.

    As for brand loyalty, I remember watching a documentary a few years back where kids were getting their favourite brands tattooed on their bodies, Nike, Adidas, Reebok etc.

    I’m more cutting edge, Ive had my favourite supermarket logo inked on my back.

  2. Ali

    Nice picture but I like the other one you made more (the screaming face). Have you already realized that your blog lives in the past? Exactly: The date of your entries is seven days ago. ^^

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Hey Shaun,

    I’d agree with you on that point – in some way, we’re all dancers. I guess that while many don’t realise it, the tragedy is that even if you do, there’s very little that you can do to completely escape.

    That said – realising that you’re part of the machine is reprieve in some way at least. :)

    Do you have a photo of your ink that you could share? ;)

  4. Paul

    Post author


    Thanks, and yes, the screamer was certainly a more striking photo!
    Yes yes, I know that I’m living in the past. I’m slowly catching up… but you’ll be surprise how much time it takes to capture photos, prepare them, and write the article.

    I wish it were my day job! :)

  5. Ali

    Did I get the point that you intentionally set a date for your entries that is seven days ago? Casual readers surely never note that but as a regular one I was surprised and first I doubt my own sanity. :D

  6. Bev

    Well rather than comment on the message this advert is giving I’ll comment on the photo and say you’ve done a good job in capturing it Paul due to the amount of ‘whiteness’ of the back wall and included in the subject – well done on the exposure!

  7. Paul

    Post author

    Ali, well… intentionally yes. Since the beginning, and for about three years, I managed to keep pretty much up to date – perhaps get a day behind, but then catch up quickly. For the past six months or so our work load has increased to a point where I’ve been unable to keep up each day. I’m loathed to change this site to Cap e Town Whenever I Can Photo so I’ve been trying to catch up on the days that I miss. But you know how it works – I make good headway and then things go wrong at work, I work late night, and voila, we’re behind a few more days.

    Anyway – I hope this will end soon so that I can be up to date each day… but until then, bear with me please. :)

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