Cables and towers of Tygerberg Hill

Cables and towers
Observing this tower from an ordinary perspective doesn't normally hold much interest for the casual passerby. It's only when looking closer from a different angle that the normally-unappealing view transforms into something a little more interesting.

I spent a little while observing the tower before taking this shot. Don't you think it offers a little more interest than this, more traditional photo? :)

This tower is one of the radio and microwave towers on top of Tygerberg Hill. To be honest though, that's only my assumption. I'm not clued up enough to know for sure what the receivers and/or transmitters on this tower are used for. Do you know? Please leave a comment to let us know.

Over the next two or three days I'll share with you the reason for my ascent to the top of Tygerberg Hill. :)

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