Accidents and adverts

N1 Highway
The flyover bridge that you see on the left is Eastern Boulevard. Keeping left takes you to the northern suburbs of Cape Town via the N1 highway whereas keeping to the right leads to the southern suburbs.

The sign may not look that large in this photo, but did you notice the huge advert for the iPhone 4 against the side of the building on the left? That poster looks absolutely huge when viewed from your car on Eastern Boulevard. Because it's located next to a part of the road where lanes merge and traffic is accelerating out of the city, I find it dangerously distracting - especially if the advert is particularly eye-catching.

I've actually erected a mental block, forcing myself not look at the sign when traveling along that stretch of road!

4 thoughts on “Accidents and adverts

  1. Chris M

    That’s actually a really good point, and one that I’ve actually thought about before. I know in advertising like this, getting the best spot (most viewed) is obviously “critical”, but sheesh, this is incredibly dangerous.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Chris, I guess that’s why companies should be advertising on sites like iMod – it’s far safer! ;)

    Ali, naaa, that’s just my dodgy photography. :D I think I took the pic at mid day, though the glass window… which gives it that slightly fuzzy, not-quite-sharp look. The colour itself is that typical Cape Town-blue hue. For some reason photos taken in Cape Town always seem to be bluer than those taken in other parts of the country. Perhaps it’s because we’re so far South; perhaps?

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