A big big wheel

A big big wheel
Ah, I guess this photo makes it as clear as daylight as to where we were. This picture doesn't really do justice to how high up you feel you are when in the Wheel of Excellence at the Waterfront!

Although the fairly large gondola is said to take 8 passengers, don't believe them - unless of course you're one of 8 skinny teenagers. :) I'd guess that you'd rather more comfortably seat 6 people in one of these air conditioned cabins... again, unless of course you're 6 boerseuns * from Pretoria!

The ride around and around and around was extremely smooth, and very pleasant. It's clear that the workmanship leveraged to build this wheel was of the best quality and that the mechanics are well looked after - unlike the rides that I remember going on at the various fairs that I visited as a kid.

Speaking of fairs - remember the rides at the Goodwood Show Grounds? Check this pic out!

* Afrikaners sometimes tend to have huge, burly, sons and the word boerseuns is an affectionate term for these. You could literally translate the word as "farmer's sons".

3 thoughts on “A big big wheel

  1. Bev

    Aaah Paul are you saying that you go round several times on this wheel as part of the ride – the London eye you go round once only but very slowly giving you a great chance to take in the views and get the pics.

    I love this photo!!

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Hummmm… why did I think I replied to your message Bev. Seems I was mistaken! Yeah, you go around quite a few times actually. They seem to send you around two or three times, then stop to let off and take on passengers. I can’t remember exactly how many times we went around – perhaps Chris remembers. Chris?

    Ah, Chris, the a night-time ride… no, unfortunately not yet. It must be really beautiful, although I guess a bit challenging to take photos (because of the light inside and the reflection against the glass). That said – perhaps some things are best enjoyed without taking pics. :)

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