Pictures from the sky

Table Mountain

Two days ago I posted a photo of a sign that is located inside the gondolas of The Wheel of Excellence, found just outside of the V&A Waterfront. This photo of the city was taken as we were reaching the apex of the wheel - isn't the view just superb?

Speaking of the V&A Waterfront... there's a competition that (I'm sure you'll agree)  you have to enter. The prizes range from helicopter flips, to cruises, complimentary dinners and even an overnight stay in a Marina apartment. To win all that you have to do is take a photo and write a short story telling what you love best about the Waterfront. Check out the full list of prizes and submit your entry here.

I'm sure it's needless to say that if you win the dinner-with-friends or the private movie screenings you'll be obliged to invite Kerry-Anne and myself along. ;)

5 thoughts on “Pictures from the sky

  1. Bev

    Oh wow Paul that certainly is a great view and a lovely reminder for us..

    Sadly the Wheel of Excellence will no longer be there when we get back to CT as I would so love to have had a ride on it – I’ve been on the London Eye four times now and just love it Lol

    Shame about the dates for the comp. and if I HAD been able to enter and HAD won you and Kerry-Anne would of course been top of the list for the dinner or movie screening…never mind see you for in 4 months time for Breakfast Lol

  2. Pamela

    My height phobic husband couldn’t be persuaded to try it! So at least I can see it through your eyes – thank you! The previous notfall/emergency notice would have been less than helpful had I got him even close enough to read it.

    The mountain is almost painfully lovely in the photo.

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Bev, bah! You’re just going to have to arrive a little sooner. ;) Breakfast – for sure!

    That’s a funny thought Pamela – I can picture him sitting down and then gazing upward at the sign. :)

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