Darling and Parade

Darling and Parade
After my previous post about the Cape Town Central Library a friend asked exactly where the entrance was located. You'll see the entrance to the library on the right-hand side of this photo - in Parade Street.

Besides for the Central Library, South Africa has two national libraries who've been mandated to "collect and preserve public documents and make the accessible" - according to their website. The one is in Pretoria and the other is in our beautiful Cape Town - near the Company Gardens. We're certainly going to have to visit this treasure chest in Queen Victoria Street soon!

3 thoughts on “Darling and Parade

  1. Cristina

    I went to the Central Library in the Queen Victoria Street. I didn’t know the existance of the other one in Parade st. Well, something new to see!!!
    And what about the Western Cape Archives and Records Service, in Roeland st. An other amazing place.

  2. Dandara

    I was wondering about through Google and I found this picture. Is it possible for you to tell me exactly where this is located? I searched on Google maps Darling st strand and Parade st but a bunch of locations appear.
    Thank you.

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