Cape Town Central Library

Cape Town Central Library
A little while ago I posted a photo of the Cape Town City Hall - the previous location of the Central Library - and said that I'm sure Kerry-Anne would want to visit.

Well, we've visited and were it not that we were there too late in the day to open a membership, Kerry-Anne would have walked away with armfuls of books! We're use to our smaller suburban libraries - so the visit to this multi-level, multi-room library was quite something. So, if you're a book-lover person - check out this map and be sure to visit!

I even found a section that contained comic books - like Superman and Batman - right next to the Photography section! How perfect! :D

13 thoughts on “Cape Town Central Library

  1. Cristina

    The Central Library is a fantastic place. I went there several days last february to take information about the first owner of my house in Gardens, builted in 1881. I’ve spent several hours looking at beautiful books about the history of the town. I must go back there, it is such an experience!!!

  2. Adrian

    All the libraries in the Metro City are on the same system, so if you have a membership in your suburban library, you can use that card at the Central Library too. Kerry-Anne could have had her armfuls of books!

  3. Paul

    Post author

    You’re right Adrian… were it not that somehow she lost her and my library cards and then never got around to renewing them. :) You make a good point though – just get cards at a local library and use them in CT. Thanks!

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