The Wooltru mystery

Wooltru and City Hall
The building on the left in the photo backs onto Cape Town City Hall and is know as the Wooltru building in Corporation Street. While Wooltru is a huge company that (as I understand) is the cash shell of several other large corporates I've found it extremely difficult to find much useful information about them on the Web.

They have no Wikipedia page and their site doesn't work and hasn't been indexed by Google. With the exception of a handful of financial articles on there really doesn't seem to be much information that someone like myself (who is largely ignorant when it comes to cash shells, reverse takeovers, and other business strategies) would find useful.

Please, if you know more than I do, would you mind leaving a comment to explain what Wooltru is about and how this all works?

4 thoughts on “The Wooltru mystery

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  2. Rory

    Wooltru is just the holding company of Woolworths. Back in the day they were Woolworths and Truworths (Wooltru) but they have split and Woolworths are still listed as Wooltru. No big cash shell.

    And also worth mentioning that Woolworths in the UK and Woolworths in SA are 2 totally different companies as well!

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks for that Rory, and for the link Keegan. I see from Keegan’s link that they still appear to have shares in Truworths, as well as some other corporates, ie. Sanlam and SA Mutual Group.

    Colin Hall, Chairperson, is sounds so familiar… I wonder where I’ve heard that name before. :-/

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