A pretty kind of ugly

A pretty kind of ugly
This sure isn't a well-painted wall, nor is it a beautiful work of art or graffiti - but still, don't you find that this section of wall has some kind of appeal? I'm not sure, perhaps it's the layers of paint, old doors, and damaged walls that cause a tinge of nostalgia towards the things of old.

Many people would jump at the chance of having everything be pristine and new, but don't you think the City would lose some of it's character if, in some way, it were possible that all these building would be restored?

However, I'm torn in two because there's plenty of room for improving the City's surrounding suburbs - and while I'm all for beautifying and uplifting rundown areas, I'd hate to lose all the history reflected in these walls.

4 thoughts on “A pretty kind of ugly

  1. Bev

    Well it certainly makes for an interesting photo Paul, I agree it would be a shame to have everything looking all pristine and new, these places add so much character to a place..

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