Cape Town TV

Transmitter on Tygerberg Hill
Until about a year ago I was completely unaware that an additional television station, Cape Town TV was launched in the Cape Town area. The station, operated as a non-profit organisation, broadcasts completely free of charge - so if you're in the area and able to see this tower on Tygerberg Hill (they use an analogue signal) - then you should be able to receive Cape Town TV!

To be honest, we're not big on television, so I can't comment on the quality of the broadcasting. I quickly scanned the stations website and found a fairly comprehensive television schedule - which lists the time and name, but regrettably doesn't offer much detail around the nature of the program listed.

Tune in - perhaps you'll enjoy some of the programming!

PS. You don't *really* have to be able to see the tower on the hill... seeing the hill will be good enough. ;)

2 thoughts on “Cape Town TV

  1. mjw

    Cape Town TV broadcasts local amateur stuff (actuality and documentary) and a lot of international documentaries that are in the public domain or Creative Commons licensed for free broadcast and distribution.

    All of it’s quite interesting, actually.

  2. Glen

    Like you Paul, I was also unaware of Cape Town TV till about a year or so ago. I cannot receive analogue signals at home since I don’t have an antenna, so if it isn’t on DSTV, then it is not going to get a chance for my eyes to see it. I hope that since Soweto TV is on DSTV, that CCTV will eventually make it there too.

    I would imagine that CCTV is a great starting platform for people who want to get into the TV industry whether they are engineers, directors, show hosts, content producers, camera operators, etc.

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