A whale in Camps Bay

A whale in Camps Bay
Besides for the calm ocean and the blue sky with it's pretty clouds, what you see, not too far from shore, is a whale relaxing just off Camps Bay beach.

I've never seen a whale in off Camps Bay beach before - not that they don't enter the larger Table Bay area - but they're just more prolific on the False Bay side of the peninsula where the water's just that little bit warmer. I spent a long time watching this one roll about in the water until I finally got bored waiting for the perfect breach, or tail fin.

Sorry about that. :)

4 thoughts on “A whale in Camps Bay

  1. Cristina

    may be is the beached whale of Sea Point. I hope not. I haven’t seen it but some friend, last night, told me that, where there is the Gianluca Vialli Soccer Point, there is, unfortunately, a dead whale on the beach.

  2. Bev

    Oh dear I do hope this whale isn’t the one mentioned in the article – how sad.

    When we were in Granger Bay in Feb/Mar of this year we were so lucky to see a couple of whales far out in the bay playing around so they do go into that area from Camps Bay round to Sea Point…

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