Awesome burgers

Gourmet Burger restaurant
Kerry-Anne found a two-for-one coupon for Gourmet Burger (a restaurant that we've been meaning to try out for some time) in a promotional flyer a while ago. We eventually got around to visiting the restaurant, and oh my, it really was pretty awesome.

Kerry-Anne had a chicken burger, covered with Camembert cheese and cranberry sauce. I had a traditional beef burger with a creamy mushroom sauce. (menu). Both were pretty darn good, but what made the outing great was that our waitress was friendly, smart, and efficient.

I don't think they're normally as quiet as the photo portrays it is. We visited on a Saturday afternoon, which appears to be the perfect time for a quiet lunch out. (map)

7 thoughts on “Awesome burgers

  1. Glen

    It is amazing that gourmet burgers are all the rage that spawned resturants like Royale Eatery and Hudson and now to add another one to the list, Gourmet Burger. It is just such a pity that no pricing is on the menu at all. But after eating at Royale Eatery a few months ago and really enjoying it, I wouldn’t mind giving Gourmet Burger a spin.

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