Painting the town red

Painting the road red
You may not have thought that I was being literal in the title of this post - but I am - I found a handful of guys with red brushes painting the streets of Cape Town red with buckets of red paint. Heck, I think they may even have painted that car in the background! (I'm kidding, but you knew that, right?)

Anyway, enough of my silly jokes - we're going to be giving one of you four tickets to Funny Bones, a night of comedy at the Purple Turtle (map) in Long Street on (this coming) Tuesday 23 November. To win, you'll naturally have to be able to get to the Purple Turtle on Tuesday evening, but in addition, you'll need to leave a comment on this post mentioning who the headline act for the evening will be. (Check out the Facebook event to find out.)

I'll leave the competition open until some time on Friday night, and then select a random winner using my famous inky-pinky-ponky random-winner-selection technique. :)

10 thoughts on “Painting the town red

  1. gideon rossouw

    Thanks for all your great photo’s! – I am Capetonian but have lived in Bristol, UK for nearly 7 years : The pics I enjoy most are like this one, where I see lots of interesting stuff in the back-ground and try to put myself in that spot in my mind. So, more pictures please, of city and suburban spots – Keep it up!
    Im from Pinelands originally, so some pictures in and around Pinelands would be FANTASTIC
    Love u guys


  2. Paul

    Post author

    Hi Deon,

    Thanks for your message – I’m glad that you enjoy visiting your Cape Town memories in our pictures. :)

    Did you manage to work out where this photo was taken?


  3. Cristina

    I’ve just find out the meaning of “paint the town red” I’m reading a very nice book, by Ian Marchant, The longest crawl” and at page 291 the author tells where does this expression comes from. In 1837 in Melton UK, the Marquis of Waterford and his friends, all very drunk, decided to make a big hoax and in the night they painted the entire center of the city in red.
    So lets go to paint the town red!!!!!

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