Wheel clamping toilets

Wheel clamping toilet sign
If I read this signpost correctly, it says that the public toilets are to the left, but be careful, even if you're desperate to get there you may not park illegally, because if you do, you're wheels will get clamped. A picture really does say 1000 words!

In all seriousness, wheel-clamping (apparently known as "booting" in the US) involves some authority attaching a large metal clamp over the driver-side front wheel that results in a large fine being paid over in order to release the vehicle (unless of course you happen to carry a bolt-cutter with you).

There's good reason for wheel-clamping - some people have extremely little regard for road laws, other drivers, or privately-owned parking spots, and simply park wherever they please. Fines on their own aren't good-enough deterrents, but a fine coupled with the inconvenience of having to find the official who's able to release your vehicle - that's something that people tend to take more seriously. :)

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