Lunch at Saul’s Taverna

Saul's Taverna
Saul is a local businessman and restaurateur who own's several Saul's restaurants in the Sea Point area and across the peninsula. We'd once visited Saul's Saloon (in Seapoint) at 3am (after we'd been out dancing) and were so impressed by the burgers that we decided to try Saul's Taverna (on the Bantry Bay side of Sea Point, near the circle).

Before telling you about Saul's Taverna, let me say that Saul's Saloon's burgers weren't gourmet burgers by any stretch of the imagination, but they were the most fantastic 3am snack that I'd ever had. While clean and well run, the restaurant isn't pretentious at all - and certainly doesn't even try to present itself as an upmarket restaurant. That said, especially at 3am, the burgers, chips and coffee was wonderful, and very well priced.

So, as I was saying, we tried out Saul's Taverna for lunch. While the Mediterranean decor created an interesting atmosphere we left feeling somewhat ambivalent about the food. My warthog ribs were fine, and Kerry-Anne's lamb schwarma was OK, but in our opinion neither anything special and while not expensive, not cheap either.

Perhaps it was just that our previous visit to Gourmet Burger was still fresh in our minds, or perhaps it was because we were the only patrons in the restaurant - who knows?

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